Using Nimbus: Cloud computing at Pawsey: Glossary

Key Points

Let's talk about cloud computing
  • The Cloud is just someone else’s computer.

  • You can run compute jobs without interruption.

Nimbus: Cloud computing at Pawsey
  • Pawsey has a range of compute facilities, cloud, large memory nodes, GPU clusters, HPC clusters.

  • To scale your problem you will need to use horizontal or vertical parallel scaling.

  • Cloud computing with Nimbus has a range of use cases that complement our Supercomputing facilities.

  • Pawsey staff can help navigate through this.

How does Nimbus work for users?
  • We use ssh to connect to a virtual machine and the nimbus website to manage.

First steps: making keypairs
  • Create keypairs using the Nimbus dashboard.

  • Keypairs can be imported using the dashboard

  • Functional keypairs are required for starting a virtual machine

Simplified security and networking
  • Security groups and networks can be modified to meet specific needs

Launching an Instance
  • You learnt how to start an instance using Openstack and the Nimbus Cloud;

  • You learnt how to connect with an SSH client to a Linux instance.

Attaching volume storage
  • You learnt how to create a new volume and attach it to your instance.

  • You learnt how to create a new filesystem and mount it to your instance

Maintaining your instance
  • You learnt how to keep your instance up to date

Using snapshots to save time
Cloud best practices