How does Nimbus work for users?


Teaching: 20 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • A quick overview of the Nimbus Interface

  • Get an overview of the mechanics of using Nimbus

  • Learn some key language of cloud computing with Nimbus

How does it work?

You will use two independant tools to manage and use Nimbus. You will (usually) use a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to run jobs and do work on your virtual machine. Meanwhile, you will use the Nimbus dashboard, a website we maintain, to manage your virtual machine/s (instances). This is shown below;

The Nimbus workflow

Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard;

The Nimbus Dashboard

You’ll see here there is a menu on the left side of the view, here you will be able to explore the core functionality across Nimbus. At first glance on the right you see the various plots that show current quota and usage. We’ll be exploring the other sections of the website as we make our way through the

Key Terminology

There are some key terms we need to discuss before we get started

Key Points

  • We use ssh to connect to a virtual machine and the nimbus website to manage.